Why ‘So What?’

I spent the better part of two decades working for big media companies like CNN and the Washington Post. And I noticed something: We spent so much of our time telling people what happened and so little explaining why it mattered and what might be coming next.

I wanted to change that. So I launched “So What?” — my personal newsletter designed to taking you behind the scenes of big events in Washington and the country.

I am convinced that people want analysis with their news now. They want to know why something matters to them or is deserving of their time almost simultaneously with learning the news.

We live in an over-stuffed media ecosystem. It’s hard to know where to look, when and why. That’s where I come in.

Every day I will try to take you past the headlines, providing insight about what motivates Washington’s power players and where to look next in the story.

This is a passion project. Most of my content is free and will stay that way. I want to make sure that as many people are reading — and sharing — it as possible.

So please subscribe!

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