It’s shameful and so sad.

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Wow that’s quite the unique problem after seeing your analysis, and one that will take years to fix...well done as always Chris! Also as I pray 🙏 for these victims’ families each time that it happens I can’t help think there are way too many/easy access to guns for people who shouldn’t have them as well as there has been a loss for so many of Jesus as their True North...a loss of morals, faith and a sacred need for justice to others. When my Dad went to school in the 1930’s, he and his friends carried their rifles to school during hunting season and stacked them unloaded in the corner of the one-room schoolhouse, to go hunting after school on the long walk home, never a thought of evil...the faith based culture of right and wrong deeply-seated. From then............to now...........on so many levels........we have lost our way😔

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What a sad comment on "American Exceptionalism".

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2 things, I caught this newletter via JVL from the Bulwark, so credit.

Second, I was thinking about this, and debating a friend via email, and I asked him: "Do you have any doubts or thoughts about our American way with regard to firearms? Day after day, reports of mass shootings, murder somewhere in every major city, nearly every day? You remain convinced that increasingly easy access to firearms has nothing to do with it?"

This guy is a real firearms advocate, and I'm going to quote him here, not to disparage him, but to demonstrate how intractable the problem really is:

"I really don’t. Gun violence happens all over the world and the data shows that the US is not, much

to the dismay of the gun grabbers, the world leader in gun violence. Our national outrage against

guns is very selective and carefully communicated as to not upset the narrative.

The majority of gun crimes (all gun crimes, not just those short-stroked all over the news) are

committed by felons (not legally permitted to have one) using handguns (not those evil and scary

looking AR-15s), obtained illegally.

How do any of the proposed gun control measures address any of those factors?

Canada, Norway, and Australia recently suffered some brutal mass shootings (who knows what goes

on in Russia or China?). They have very strict gun laws and no second amendment.

Some people are evil. I hope and pray if I ever come across one, I’ll have the means to protect myself

or at least give myself a chance. Why take that away from me (or anyone else)?"

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I own 8 guns personally. All shotguns, used for hunting. I'll bet none of the mass shootings involved shotguns.

We have to be careful with the broad brush of "guns" as it doesn't create an accurate picture for addressing the problem.

I had a friend to lunch a month ago, hard right individual and he wants to hide behind 2A. I told him his stance is the most foolish position to have because the people that are being so negatively affected by gun violence, not him, just want to have a conversation. When he wants to hide behind 2A, and not come to the table, he is setting up for future, more enlightened generations to just say, the hell with it, ban guns.

Let's all be more pragmatic.

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The sad part is that a subset of the United States population believe “that is just the cost of freedom”.

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Sadly, this problem IS having a discernable impact on people who would normally travel to America. It may not be significant yet to Americans & tourism reviews but as one who spends at least 3 months travelling the southern states every year, I hear it from fellow tourists & I hear the shame, concern from frustrated Americans who don't know what to do.

This is a very complex problem, one I hope you can remedy before it's too late.

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Jan 28, 2023·edited Jan 28, 2023

America has been awash in guns, relative to the rest of the world, since the Founding. That only accelerated since WWII. But the scourge of mass shootings is very recent.

So what changed? It's not the fact that we own millions of guns; we've always owned millions of guns. What we didn't have was hundreds of annual mass shootings, and now we do. Why?

Answer that and we might know where to apply solutions. "Just get rid of the guns and we'll be fine" is not only not a solution, it's not going to happen anyway.

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If a majority of folks want more strict laws covering the sale of firearms, yet they keep voting for lawmakers who disagree, what issue(s) is more important?

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