Firing Fauci would have been a purely political (partisan Republican) move. I liked Fauci. DeSantis hired Lapedo as SurgeonGeneral, and he seems like a

conspiracy following quack.

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Fauci was the only adult in the room. The idea that he was political is total BS. he talked facts, the Victim-In-Chief talked politics. The fact that Dr. Fauci didn't go batsheet at those new conferences is an indication of his professionalism.

Total "Joe Friday: 'Just the facts, Ma'am'' was his mantra.

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Exactly. We were lucky fthat Trump never got around to firing him.

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Your written asides add so much to your sauce (or gravy...depending on the Italy your ancestry was from)

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Ron DeSantis has shown us repeatedly who and what he is. He IS like Trump, just slightly more polished. His policies are pretty much the same, and he is just much of a "own the libs" character as his Orange mentor. The difference is, Trump has already done it. Republicans know who and what he is, and they're fine with it. Why go for a knock-off when you can elect the original article?

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Regardless of how people felt about Obama...he was the last pol who offered soaring rhetoric that pushed us toward better.

I was not a Reagan fan, but his speeches made us feel better (superficially) about our country.

Better the Victim-In-Chief and the Wannabe-Mussolini we are living in Sheetsville.

Thanks for the diorama of the 1930s, GOP.

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DeSantis is nothing more than a Mini-Me Trump.

He may have won in Florida, but Florida is NOT like most of the country.

His actions as governor of Florida, acting like a drunken authoritarian smacks of abuses of power by government, 100% opposite of the his fake rhetoric.

If you want government to dictate what you say, what you read, what you think, dictate what your sexual identity is, censor corporations and punishes them if they don’t kiss Ron’s ass, replace your doctor and dictate to parents how they should raise and teach their kids....Ron DeSantis is your guy.

If you value freedom and civil rights, DeSantis IS the Devil.

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Florida is where freedom goes to die.

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Extra points for the Three Amigos reference

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