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The Morning: A Donald Trump 'pep rally'

Trump comes to Capitol Hill

Donald Trump is on Capitol Hill today — meeting first with House Republicans and then with Senate Republicans as he seeks to unite the party ahead of the general election.

It’s the FIRST time Trump has been on the Hill since January 6, 2021 when he helped incite a violent protest at the U.S. Capitol.

Remarkably, many of the members who cowered in fear from protesters that day will be cheering Trump on today — a living and breathing expression of just how much he has come to dominate the party despite his many past transgressions.

“He’ll come and lead the team,” Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz told CNN of Trump’s DC visit. “I think it’s gonna be a pep rally environment for the former and future president.”

I talked about that “pep rally” — and why it matters — in today’s edition of “The Morning.”

(Apologies for the audio — my mic wasn’t connected! Will fix tomorrow!)