I made the effort to find your voice after you left CNN. I trust that voice because we need clear-eyed analysis of events, not political pandering.

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A fair analysis of your comment section.

I think Uncle Joe is doing a good job considering the circumstances of such a divided country.

I wished that Biden would have decided on only one term. But considering the alternative, I'll support him in 2024.

That said, the age bit is overblown. Rupert Murdock is 92 as is Warren Buffet.

Physical health and mental acuity are more important, considering Trump's obesity and living on the edge of reality.

Go after Joe's policy, not your ill-ease of him being 80.

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This is exactly why I subscribed!

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The conclusion of Robert Reichs Substack blog this morning concludes with this paragraph.

“Sadly, there are still mainstream news outlets and journalists who believe that holding Trump accountable for what he has done (and continues to do) to this country is a form of partisanship, and that such partisanship has no place in so-called “balanced journalism.” This view is itself dangerous.

On his last CNN show, last August, Brian Stelter said:

It’s not partisan to stand up for decency and democracy and dialogue. It’s not partisan to stand up to demagogues. It’s required. It’s patriotic. We must make sure we don’t give platforms to those who are lying to our faces.”

Take these words to heart, Chris.

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Ok. I get it. You want to be fair to both sides. Except that reckless and dangerous doesn’t even begin to describe Trump, and treating DeSantis as if he’s a “normal” candidate and a fair alternative on any level is unconscionable. Setting aside Joe’s age, those alternatives are Fascists. And you, Chris, should be using your journalistic skills to inform the American public of that fact. Start sounding the alarm just as Steve Schmidt, Joyce Vance, Heather Cox-Richardson and many other Substack writers are doing every day. Your Ho-hum approach to what’s going on is absurd. Take a Stand.

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I agree with the points here. I guess what I struggle with is that it seems like the media in general seems to give equal footing and air time to things like inciting an insurrection, constantly lying about pretty much everything, being found guilty of sexual assault, and say, falling off of a bicycle. Those things are not equal and yet it seems to come off that way when watching the news or reading the paper, especially if one is just looking through headlines which many people do. When everything seems to get equal attention, does that mean everything is equally bad or good? How can it be reported in a way that conveys the relative seriousness of one thing versus the other?

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"I’ve noticed something in the five months (or so) that I have been writing this newsletter.

"When I write something critical of Donald Trump, people eat it up — it drives comments, praise and, yes, subscriptions.

"So What? is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

"When I write something critical about Joe Biden, the opposite happens — people seem offended that I am trying to “get” him, insisting that I look elsewhere for content to write about."

I guess from this we should conclude that you see Trump and Biden and their worldviews as essentially equivalent -- one no better or worse than the other. This speaks volumes.

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Jun 6Liked by Chris Cillizza

A good reminder - thank you.

Now, let's talk about the lack of an Oxford comma... ("I am reading, thinking and talking about politics.")


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I like what you have to give, for the most part.

What I do worry about is treating it all as a horse race tends to normalize Trump and Republican Fascism.

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The problem is that Biden has been inundated with bad press from many outlets because of his age. However, I believe if a story is relevant and true it should be told without slant. Keep writing the truth and you will not have a problem with this community.

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You are working from a place of integrity, Chris! We need that, keep it coming, please.

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Thank you Chris, I have followed your work avidly and support you for EXACTLY this reason! Keep it up, we are with you.

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I’ve canceled my subscription. I was so disgusted at your rant, going on & on & on about Biden tripping over a SANDBAG onstage. I asked you ‘What was a sandbag doing onstage and in his path?’ And Why didn’t the Secret Service pick it up before he stumbled? Your reply was snarky and defensive when I was asking you 2 realistic


I used to love watching you and listened to your opinions but at 85 years old, I’m really disgusted at your take on age.

So long, it’s been good to know ya.

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Jun 6·edited Jun 6

Thank you Chris. I'm a subscriber to your Substack because you have built enormous credibility with me over your career so far analyzing national politics and campaigns at The Washington Post and CNN. I admire you for your honest criticism. Keep up the good work. I count on it as an important contributor to me being an informed American voter.

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One of the reasons I like listening to you, even if you aren't on the TK show, is because I think you work to give both sides or a balanced look at the news. I may not like things but ignoring all sides of the issues doesn't help me understand the world.

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Hi, I appreciate what you are doing. I give Biden credit for the calm following the craziness of the Trump years. And yet, Biden was an important cog in the wheel of the government that in the last 40 years got us where we are today. Inequity and a hollowed out middle class. Social media run amok. Lower life expectancy, I could go on.

Just last week, I read an article saying he was thinking austerity is the way to go. I don’t know if that is true, I look to you and to others to let us know where the winds blow.

Hillary use to say she was the third term of Obama and that drove me crazy.... status quo is not good and more of the same corporatizing of the government will drive us into the arms of the facists.

So keep pointing out issues, the ship needs to turn and I fear Biden is happily keeping on in the trajectory he help create.

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