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The Morning: Inside the 'Double Haters'

Who are they?

“Double haters” — voters who dislike Joe Biden and Donald Trump — may well decide the 2024 election.

But, who are they?

A new NBC News polling analysis reveals that “double haters” are evenly split between the two parties: 31% identify as Republicans, 31% identify as Democrats and 28% call themselves independents.

That’s a MAJOR change from 2016 and 2020. In the former race, “double haters” clearly had a Republican bent. In the latter, double haters tended to be disaffected Democrats.

In both cases, “double haters” wound up coming home to their natural party. Trump won them by 17 points in 2016 and Biden claimed the group by 15 points in 2020.

This time around though, they appear to be a total jump ball.

Check this chart out via NBC:

I explain more of why this matters and how to understand the “double haters” in today’s edition of “The Morning.”