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The Morning: It's not just Donald Trump

Europe moves to the (populist) right

Over the weekend, elections were held all across Europe. The big takeaway? Populism is on the march — led by far-right parties promising stricter immigration policies and a walking-back of so-called “woke” policies.

As the New York Times wrote of the results:

The balloting indicates that the prevailing winds have grown chill for some of Europe’s political establishment and underscored that the momentum of the far-right forces over the past decade had yet to crest.

In France, the tumult was so great that President Emmanuel Macron called for a snap election later this month, a risky move that could elevate far-right populist Marine Le Pen to even more prominence.

Remember: What happens in Europe doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It shows the continued power of populism — and reaffirms the fact that Donald Trump can absolutely win the presidency again this fall.

I broke down what it all means in today’s edition of “The Morning.”