Sitemap - 2023 - So What

Where we've been (and where we're going)

VIDEO: 16 hours without a phone

The really awful part of Nikki Haley's slavery answer

Vivek Ramaswamy thinks we are idiots

Does Donald Trump smell?

The *real* problem with Ron DeSantis

32 things I loved this year

In defense of horse race journalism

A very nice thing that just happened

The death of fact checking

My 5 thoughts on the Colorado Supreme Court ruling

VIDEO: A confession

The real problem isn't Donald Trump. It's the Republican party.

The 50 most nutty lines from Donald Trump's Reno speech

What I am really selling here

Should Joe go?

How does Donald Trump lose?

VIDEO: Everything Trump touches dies

"But Her Emails"

Friday mailbag!

My favorite music of 2023

The fundamental unseriousness of the House Republican impeachment effort, exposed

Hunter Biden's new high profile is bad news for his dad

Glenn Youngkin says we have nothing to worry about in a Trump 2nd term

Ron DeSantis is trying to rewrite history on Donald Trump. It won't work.

The 60 wildest lines from Donald Trump's New York City speech


They call me "Professor Cillizza"

Chris Cillizza's Cultural Life

VIDEO: Why Nikki Haley's latest endorsement matters less than you think

Joe Biden is in deep shit

'My Kevin' and the Trump cult

The 2024 Republican race, in one GIF

It's me. I'm the problem, it's me.

Joe Biden officially has a Hunter Biden problem

Youth sports are broken. Here's how we can fix them.

Friday mailbag!

The best music of 2023

The Trump "dictator" comments are even worse than you think

Vivek Ramaswamy is remarkably hateable

The 4th Republican debate is tonight. I am doing a live chat!

The one moment that defined (and doomed) Kevin McCarthy

Now we know why Joe Biden is *really* running again

Me, and a bald orange man

The 36 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump's interview with Sean Hannity


How George Santos is winning

It is MISERABLE to be a non-MAGA Republican these days

Why Liz Cheney's doomsday prediction on Donald Trump is totally plausible

Did I get "fired"? Or did I get "laid off"?

LAST CHANCE for a discounted subscription!

The truest thing Donald Trump has ever said

Are we ignoring Joe Biden's good polls?

VIDEO: The great mystery of the Republican primary

What's your favorite Substack?

George Santos is gone! Here's why.

A change in our community

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

What I really believe

What Chris Sununu doesn't get about Donald Trump

Why I HATE "30 under 30" lists

Why Fox News isn't really a news network

Did the Republican race just fundamentally change?

My First Byline: Chris Cillizza


VIDEO: Re-re-examining Mike Pence

Happy anniversary (of being laid off!)

Here's *exactly* how Joe Biden should talk about his age

Cyber Monday Deal!!

And the winner is...

*This* is the man who is the frontrunner to be the next president

My trip to Portugal, in 10 pictures

What I'm thankful for

Why I write and write and write

Why Republicans should -- but won't -- nominate Nikki Haley

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

What I lost in the pandemic

Why Chris Christie may be doing the *one* thing he said he would never do

Joe Manchin has a lot to learn about third party presidential bids

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

What I am doing here

Congress really is just like high school


It's really hard to make (and keep) friends

Nate Silver is right

What Republicans *really* think of Donald Trump, part 392

What I'm reading

VIDEO: We know *a lot* about what a 2nd Trump term would look like

The 51 most insane lines from Donald Trump's 'Vermin' speech

Republicans really think America is a 'hellhole'

Why you should subscribe

VIDEO: A Donald Trump quote you *really* shouldn't miss

I've been doing a LOT of talking this week

Friday mailbag

The GOP' 'suicide mission' on abortion

What I'm listening to

Joe Manchin's retirement is even worse news for Democrats than you think

The abysmal end of Vivek Ramaswamy

Where we are (and a subscription discount!)

Donald Trump has *never* lost a race

Can we please stop bashing polls?

5 big takeaways on the 2023 election


A day that will live in infamy

Can this endorsement save Ron DeSantis?

Donald Trump accidentally told the truth in court

Why 2025 could be really, really bad

Panic! Bullshit!

Finding my people

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

A scary number for Joe Biden's 2024 chances

What, exactly, is Tommy Tuberville doing?

A moment I can't stop thinking about

Ron DeSantis is SO over


Halloween is the best holiday

Donald Trump is old too!

Nikki Haley isn't going to solve Republicans' Donald Trump problem

Why Mike Pence ran

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

A 2024 race no one wants

5 lessons from being laid off

Exhaustion is a hell of a drug

A terrifying chart for 2024 -- and beyond

The next House Speaker is a major election denier


House Republicans and the definition of insanity

Jenna Ellis, and a paragraph that should terrify Donald Trump

The 45 wildest lines from Donald Trump's New Hampshire speech

The only thing you *really* need to know about the Republican candidates for Speaker

The dumbest fight in Republican politics is happening right now

Everything you need to know about Republicans is contained in the Jim Jordan secret ballot vote

Friday mailbag!

What makes Jim Jordan keep running

What I'm listening to

You are the worst!

The Republican Speaker debacle is FAR from over

Sidney Powell learns actions have consequences

House Republicans have backed themselves into a very bad corner

Joe Biden doesn't really like to meet the press

Why everyone is missing the point about Jim Jordan's 200 votes


One quote that explains Jim Jordan's appeal to House Republicans

Reason #356 Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee

Jim Jordan might just win this thing

Why the baseball playoffs are the worst

Jim Jordan is actually the *perfect* choice to lead House Republicans

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

The 30 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump's Fox News Radio interview

House Republicans and the definition of insanity

Nancy Mace's ridiculous stunt

What if everyone dropped out of the 2024 race but Nikki Haley and Donald Trump?


I got a job!

Republicans are headed for a brutal week

How NOT to cover Donald Trump

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

The *best* part of being laid off

Ron DeSantis is running on fumes

It doesn't matter who the next Speaker is

Donald Trump is not going to like this headline

No, this wasn't Democrats' fault


Podium-gate, explained

How NOT to handle a crisis

Matt Gaetz has already won

He's going to be the nominee, folks

Friday Mailbag!

What I'm listening to

Debunking the Glenn Youngkin fantasy

Bob Menendez is a giant pain in Democrats' ass

Winners and losers from the second presidential debate

My debate plan for tonight

So you're saying it's not a cult?

The one big question I have about tonight's Republican debate

John Fetterman is going off


Joe Biden wears sneakers now. Should we care?

Is Donald Trump getting worse?

The grossest part of the Bob Menendez story

Brian Kemp exposes himself

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

What the hell is Ted Cruz talking about?

Is this Nikki Haley's moment?

Let's dispel with the myth that Ron DeSantis is Donald Trump's main challenger

A simple chart that explains Donald Trump's appeal

Should we just stop covering Donald Trump?


The kids are alright

Kevin McCarthy is doomed

The 59 most eye-popping lines from Donald Trump's "Meet the Press" interview

The most memorable TV ad ever?

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

A remarkable chart that tells the story of the 2024 Republican race

The Kamala Harris question

Why Mitt quit

The flaw in the "Joe Biden should step aside" argument

Of course Donald Trump is behind the Biden impeachment effort


Mike Pence is trying to save the Republican party

Kevin McCarthy is still running scared from the Republican base

Me, today

Democrats don't *really* have a Joe Biden alternative

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

Why Democrats shouldn't panic about 2024 just yet

The 59 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's interview with Hugh Hewitt

Doing new things is really, really hard

Donald Trump is running away with this thing


The myth at the heart of a 3rd party presidential bid

The fundamental decency of Joe Biden

What I'm doing here

Friday mailbag!

5 questions for Mitch McConnell

What I'm listening to

The logic of Ron DeSantis' candidacy is collapsing

Why everybody hates Vivek Ramaswamy

Mitch McConnell just froze. Again.

Why don't more people care about Donald Trump's health?


Why September makes me sad

Ranking the 2024 Republican field

A scary poll for Joe Biden (and Democrats)

The real truth about Donald Trump's golf game

Friday Mailbag: Mugshot edition

A huge moment for me

What I'm listening to

The 47 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's Tucker Carlson interview

Winners and losers from the first Republican debate

On bad days

5 fights to watch in tonight's GOP debate

Debate mailbag!

Vivek Ramaswamy steps in it

Who has the most to lose in the GOP debate, ranked

The Republican party isn't interested in a Trump alternative

The greatest trick Donald Trump ever pulled

How to solve the Hunter Biden problem

The 35 most out-there lines from Donald Trump's Fox Business interview

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to this week

Ron DeSantis' secret debate strategy is out!

Donald Trump stiffs Rudy Giuliani

A number that should terrify Republicans...

What if Mike Pence isn't really trying to win?


The 3 most disappointing 2024 campaigns

Donald Trump and the 18

4 deep thoughts on Hunter Biden

The Monty Burns theory of Donald Trump's indictments

5 photos from a beach week

Stop treating the Republican loyalty pledge like a real thing


Don't try to trick voters, part 4,569

Ron DeSantis' slow motion collapse continues

The Andrew Cuomo story gets worse

Beach week


Friday mailbag: Trump's indictment, DeSantis' flop and the future of the GOP

In praise of Jason Isbell

Why words no longer mean anything in politics

Does anyone even want to try to beat Donald Trump in the primary?

5 takeaways from Donald Trump's (latest) indictment


Ron DeSantis is weird, part 2

7 warning signs for Joe Biden in the new New York Times poll

Joe Biden gets it right

Donald Trump and the 'fun' factor

What I'm reading

What the hell is going on with Mitch McConnell???

Friday mailbag!

10 TERRIBLE lines for Ron DeSantis in a blockbuster New York Times story

What I'm listening to


Ron DeSantis' campaign has been worse than you even think

A story that sticks in my craw

Ranking the 2024 Republican field

Nikki Haley tries to have it both ways on Donald Trump. Again.

Mike Pence's campaign is already dead

Ron DeSantis has a Ron DeSantis problem

Donald Trump has a plan...and that should worry you

A lighter posting schedule

6 takeaways from Ron DeSantis' secret campaign memo

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

"Slow News Week?"

It's time to end the home run derby

What if Iowa doesn't matter?


VIDEO: Angry Joe Biden isn't a good look

RESOLVED: Cruises are the worst

The Freedom Caucus was always going to implode

Six scenes from a summer weekend

Donald Trump is running a very good campaign

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

VIDEO: My thoughts on Threads

The cocaine conspiracy


4th of July pics!

Is the 2024 Republican primary already over?

On psychedelics (and me)

3 charts that explain the politicized Supreme Court

A *major* milestone

If not Ron DeSantis, then who?

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

Yes, the 2024 election is going to be *very* close

A conversation about 'Power Players'

VIDEO: Why is Kamala Harris so unpopular?

Learning to go slow(er)

Is Chris Christie having a moment?

My Kevin crawls back to Donald Trump. Quickly.


What should we expect a presidential candidate to know?

Why is Kamala Harris so unpopular?

Joe Biden's age problem is getting worse

VIDEO: Is Donald Trump slipping?

Ron DeSantis isn't scaring anybody

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

On the value of pressing the 'reset' button

A brief history of the tension between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert

What's Gavin Newsom playing at?

VIDEO: This GOP loyalty pledge is a joke!

Are cracks starting to show in Donald Trump's armor?


What I didn't write today

Donald Trump's secret general election plan is...

What I'm reading

What I've learned about being a dad

The Republican loyalty pledge is a joke

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

The most radical thing Donald Trump has said in a while

A truly depressing picture

VIDEO: Inside the mind of Donald Trump

Nikki Haley is why Republicans (still) can't beat Donald Trump

How unhealthy is Donald Trump?


Breaking up with outrage porn

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2024, ranked

Why don't we talk about how we struggle more?

Donald Trump really *is* forever

Why he did it

VIDEO: Bullying the bully

Friday mailbag!

If you thought this is the moment the Trump fever breaks, think again

What I'm listening to

What if Donald Trump is indicted (again)?

Mike Pence isn't making sense

VIDEO: Why are *so* many Republicans running for president

The 'secret' FBI document on Joe Biden, explained

Can you bully a bully?


It's not when you get in, it's when you get out

What I am doing here

The choose-your-own-adventure Biden presidency

Friday mailbag!

The 39 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump's interview with Sean Hannity

The trip

What I'm listening to

Why are so many Republicans running for president?

How My Kevin shocked the world

No, Ron DeSantis is not more dangerous than Donald Trump

The empty threats of the House Freedom Caucus


The impeachment of Ken Paxton, explained

How Chris Christie could matter

Democrats are in deep denial about Joe Biden

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

Why Dianne Feinstein is the real victim here

The DeSaster

This number should really worry Joe Biden

Ranking the 10 Republicans most likely to win in 2024

Ron DeSantis, Internet troll


Here's the tell on why Glenn Youngkin isn't seriously considering running for president

Tim Scott isn't married. Is that a problem?

Some book news!

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

Donald Trump 2028?

It's past time for Dianne Feinstein to resign

A very bad night for Ron DeSantis' core message

I don't get Mike Pence's presidential candidacy


The Durham Report, explained

Ron DeSantis is never going to beat Donald Trump this way

The one thing Donald Trump REALLY cares about

Ron DeSantis needs to learn to make eye contact?!?

What Ron DeSantis is waking up to

Why the worst is yet to come with Donald Trump

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

We are laughing ourselves to political death

The 55 craziest lines from Donald Trump's CNN town hall


Why Joe Biden needs to get on the campaign trail ASAP

Republicans *still* can't quit Donald Trump

My best day in a long time

Mitch McConnell's big 2024 surprise

This is *exactly* who Donald Trump is

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2024

Friday mailbag

What I'm listening to

What Donald Trump gets totally wrong about Joe Biden's golf game

The dumbest paragraph you will read today

The Hunter Biden laptop, explained

Tim Scott is going to run for president. But, why?


A number that should make Republicans very nervous

4 reasons why Donald Trump is doing a CNN town hall

On trying -- and failing -- as a youth sports parent

Explaining RFK Jr's surprisingly strong polls

The coming Ron-aissance?

What I'm reading

The 10 Republicans most likely to wind up as the 2024 nominee

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to

Donald Trump's shocking transformation

Joe Biden and the death question

The impossibility of being Kevin McCarthy

Donald Trump may *never* debate again


5 big(ish) thoughts on Tucker Carlson's firing

The massive gamble Democrats are taking on Joe Biden

The 27 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump's interview for his new book

Ron DeSantis is a little weird

What I'm listening to

Why the conventional wisdom on Ron DeSantis might be wrong

Friday mailbag!

Ron DeSantis is having a *really* bad week

How *not* to attack Donald Trump


Why I think Donald Trump is the *clear* Republican frontrunner

This is exactly how dumb the gun debate has become

Mike Pompeo is the canary in the 2024 coal mine

A viral chart that doesn't say what you think it does

My book is here!

What I'm Reading

Friday Mailbag!

What I'm listening to this week

Senate Democrats have had a sneaky good week

It's time for Dianne Feinstein to resign


Tim Scott is the perfect Republican presidential candidate. Except...

Notes > Twitter

Chicago is a weird choice for the Democratic convention in 2024

Here's why Republicans *should* win in 2024

Why don't we just ignore Donald Trump?

Joe Biden says he's running again. Except...

Two deeply troubling charts on our gun violence problem -- and our kids

Donald Trump's Easter message, annotated

The dirty little secret of Joe Biden and 2024

Friday mailbag!

What I'm listening to this week

Ron DeSantis' 2024 strategy is a straight-up loser

What if Republicans just stop conceding when they lose?


RIP, Swing Districts

The 28 most stunning lines from Donald Trump's Mar a Lago speech

The occasionally bitter politics of sports teams visiting the White House

What if Donald Trump's indictment changes *absolutely* nothing?

The tragedy of Asa Hutchinson

Why Ron DeSantis shouldn't run in 2024

Monday mailbag!

What I'm listening to this week

Donald Trump is the perfect pro wrestling heel


Chris Christie can't be serious

My Biggest Fan

How we got Donald Trump, in 1 chart

Donald Trump and the 'crying' thing

Is Ron DeSantis blowing it?

Friday mailbag!

Yes, Donald Trump can *absolutely* win again

What I'm listening to this week

Is Kyrsten Sinema going to become a Republican?

What's Joe Biden waiting for?

Ron DeSantis lays out his blueprint to run against Donald Trump

4 charts that explain our uniquely crappy moment in American politics

Mailbag time!

How Donald Trump is #winning

Friday mailbag!

2024 Mailbag!

Ron DeSantis as New Coke

Mike Pence's kamikaze mission?

Have Senate Republicans *finally* learned their lesson?

Friday mailbag!

A Daylight Savings Time rant

What does 'woke' actually mean?


Why I love professional wrestling

The joke is on Fox News viewers

My trip to San Francisco, in 7 pictures

The 50 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's CPAC speech

There is no anti-Trump lane in 2024

Taking a break

Joe Biden may be the last Democrat in America who still has faith in the Republican party

Ron DeSantis just dropped a big hint for how he will run against Donald Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene's "pull-ups": An investigation

The single most damning part of the Fox News lawsuit

Why Joe Biden *needs* Donald Trump

What I got wrong about the coronavirus lab leak theory

Why the RNC loyalty pledge isn't worth the paper it's written on

Why Pete Buttigieg became the Democrat Republicans love to hate

Friday mailbag!

A post I didn't want to have to write

A history of Donald Trump's fast food addiction

47 reasons to be thankful

Today is a very good day for Senate Democrats

Why are you so obsessed with me?


The hidden 2024 message in Joe Biden's secret trip to Ukraine

Are there any "normal" Republicans left?

The best (and worst) presidents ever

A deeply depressing chart on the future of media

The 10 Republicans most likely to be the 2024 nominee

Friday mailbag!

John Fetterman is a test case in how we talk and think about mental illness

Should Democrats be rooting for Donald Trump?

Why Republicans are worried about the wrong thing in the 2024 race


Should Dianne Feinstein just resign?

Is it ok to just ignore Truth Social?

Nikki Haley -- and the state of the 2024 Republican race

Donald Trump *knew* his election conspiracy theories were bullshit

It's past time for Joe Biden to say something about the balloon(s)

Saturday Thread: What are you reading?

Mitch McConnell really, really hates Rick Scott

Friday mailbag!

It's time to kill the State of the Union speech

What else does Donald Trump have on Ron DeSantis?


6 thoughts on Joe Biden's State of the Union speech

The State of the Union is.....

Why don't Democrats want Joe Biden anymore?

What the Chinese balloon *really* revealed

Me, this week

SATURDAY THREAD: The 2024 Democratic primary calendar is changing

Friday mailbag!

Republicans have no clue how to deal with Donald Trump, part 784

The 37 most outlandish lines from Donald Trump's interview with Hugh Hewitt

Ron DeSantis isn't ready for this

Why February definitely isn't the worst month of the year

Why I have never voted

How does this all end for Donald Trump?


The case for Kamala Harris

Republicans have a death wish

In Memory of my Dad

The lies we tell ourselves about parenting

Donald Trump's low-energy presidential campaign

Republicans appear to have forgotten the definition of insanity

The Durham probe is officially a flop

Friday Live chat!

Join my "So What?" chat!

George Santos is loving this

Donald Trump's return to social media is now inevitable

Donald Trump texts now. LOL.

The Doomsday Clock is kind of bullshit

Why did Donald Trump announce for president so incredibly early?

America's unique gun problem, in 5 charts

How Donald Trump keeps winning golf club championships

The 10 most vulnerable 2024 Senate seats

The surprising role Marjorie Taylor Greene is playing for Kevin McCarthy

Joe Biden is his own worst enemy on the classified documents story

Saturday Thread: Andor

How seriously should we take Nikki Haley?

Friday Live Chat!

A scary paragraph for Senate Republicans

5 indisputable facts on Joe Biden's classified documents problem

The mainstreaming of Marjorie Taylor Greene

A new theory of news

Coming soon!!